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With the best service, our company captures the quality of the product as soon as possible and wants to do more with your support. Today ARIKAN PLASTIK DOMESTIC and FOREIGN TRADE contributes to the economy of the country and offers an effective and rapid alternative to the market. This proved to be the brand of FATOŞ BEBE.

ARIKAN PLASTIK DOMESTIC and FOREIGN TRADE, which has been on the market since 1965, is the first domestic baby teat and bottle manufacturer. With 54 years of experience, he has presented the most suitable product to people in every class of Turkey and Europe. Currently, the production plant on 5000 m2 area is producing raw materials from the world’s most trusted suppliers. The Ministry of Health, Agriculture and Rural Affairs has recently proved to be a more reliable brand by obtaining the ISO 22000:2005, the ISO 9001, GMP, CE, CP documents and INTERTEK analysis reports.

FATOŞ BEBE brand 100 domestic production, experienced, professional employees, technical equipment and mothers and infants to produce quality healthy products has adopted the principle. We wish to serve you more beautiful for many years…

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